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The Sound of a Shot

This is a work of historical fiction. The story is based on my personal experience as a platoon leader in Vietnam in 1969-70. The plot develops through a series of flashbacks to combat in Vietnam involving two men, one who is "all in" and trying to win a career in the Army by accumulating enemy body count and winning medals (Danton), and the other an officer (Hoffman) who just wants to get his men and himself home alive. U.S. military involvement in South Vietnam is ending, troop withdrawals have begun, and the average "grunt" doesn't want to be "the last man to die in Vietnam." The conflict that festers between the two builds, and ends in a bloody battle in Cambodia. My objective is to write a suspenseful story that illustrates the futility of our recent wars and the terrible effects they have on the men and women sent to risk their lives in them.