Meet The Author

Edward F. Mosey, known by his pen name Edward Aegidius, is a writer who has a unique perspective on modern warfare. His experiences as a combat officer in Vietnam have provided him with firsthand knowledge of the futility of war, which he articulates eloquently in his debut novel, "The Sound of a Shot."
Mosey's journey to becoming a writer was unconventional. In 1968, he left a Catholic seminary and voluntarily enlisted in Infantry Officer Candidate School, eventually commanding a platoon in Vietnam for a year. After his military service, Mosey pursued a Master's degree in Journalism at the University of Oregon, which led to a long and flourishing career in news and public affairs, including stints with The Oregonian, the Associated Press, the Bonneville Power Administration, and his own public relations firm.
Mosey's pursuit of knowledge did not end there. He returned to academia to study theology at the University of Portland and Gonzaga University, earning his Master's degree in 2003. Despite his extensive experience in non-fiction writing, Mosey's passion for storytelling led him to write his debut novel.

Edward F. Mosey's personal life has also shaped his writing, with his wife as his great motivator. He resides in Portland, Oregon, where he is close to two daughters and a son. Recently widowed after 51 years of marriage, he draws strength from the time spent with his beloved wife, his beautiful family, and his faith. Mosey's late wife of 51 years provided him with unwavering support and encouragement, which fueled his passion for writing and encouraged him to impact the world positively. Her steadfast and unwavering presence was a source of inspiration for Mosey, as was her unwavering faith in his abilities. Despite her passing, Mosey's wife's love and support continue to serve as a beacon of light, guiding him to fulfill his dreams.
The name "Aegidius," which he uses as a pen name, has Greek and Latin origins, meaning "wearer of goatskin," perhaps referencing a holy man who did good works.
Today, Edward F. Mosey writes primarily on spiritual, moral, and environmental subjects. His debut novel, The Sound of a Shot, is a demonstration of his belief in the futility of war and his desire to shed light on its horrors. Through his writing, Edward F. Mosey encourages readers to consider the cost of conflict and the importance of finding peaceful solutions.