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"I'd rather have a live father than a dead hero."


The Sound of a Shot is a brutally honest portrayal of the dilemma soldiers face when sent to risk their lives in a war ending in futility.

In many respects, the predicament in which the grunts in “The Sound of a Shot” find themselves will be disturbingly familiar to the men and women who wore the nation’s uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This suspenseful, new novel by journalist and author Edward Aegidius will undoubtedly prompt veterans of our nation’s latest wars to ask the same question many Vietnam vets ask: “When will we ever learn?”

Aegidius tells a compelling story based on his own tour of combat duty in Vietnam. He explores the lives of three people, permanently altered by a long war that defied both total defeat and ultimate victory.

“War leaves its veterans and their families with deep wounds.  We have learned that these wounds, spiritual, mental and physical, are life-changing. The Sound of a Shot, based on the author’s experience in the Vietnam War, may well be one of the most important books to emerge from the Vietnam War period. War is itself traumatic, but when soldiers know that they are risking their lives for no reason, the scars left behind are lifelong. Edward Aegidius captures the frustrating dilemma faced by combatants when they know their war is ending in futility.  Veterans of our most recent wars will find in it echoes of their own experience as they ask the same question Vietnam vets still ask: Why? The irony of combat is that its senseless misery can be redemptive, especially when survivors share their lives with one another and their families. Vietnam veterans came home not to public celebration, but to suspicion and even accusation. They carried their wounds silently because the psychological impact of the sacrifices they made was under-appreciated, and there was little therapy available to help them. This book lays painfully bare the experience of combat in a war that cost thousands of lives and accomplished nothing of what was intended. Let this be a warning about the quicksand nature of modern wars. Once in, it’s difficult to get out, and the costs are great.

Richard Berg CSC, PhD, psychologist, author, professor and founder of the Scars Project, a program and film designed to assist those who are counseling and working with veterans and others suffering with post-traumatic stress.


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Object Lessons

Do our nation’s decision makers adequately consider the cost of war on men and women sent to do the fighting?

The author heard many times in his training that the military exists to protect our nation and to keep the peace. This simple formula was easy to apply in World War II, but more recent wars present far more complicated challenges.

As the Vietnam War and subsequent ones demonstrate, smaller, militarily unsophisticated countries can hold far superior U.S. power at bay indefinitely. These so-called “limited wars” may in fact be unwinnable in any traditional sense.

The Sound of a Shot portrays the frustration young soldiers feel when asked to risk their lives in a war they perceive to be unwinnable.


Tess Danton was five years old when her father was killed in action in Vietnam. Thirty years later, she still mourns his death and is determined to learn what she can about him and what happened that day. Jack Hoffman, a fellow platoon leader and now a newspaperman, was with him when he died. But he has reasons not to answer her questions. The reader must wait until the end to learn why.


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The Sound of a Shot is the story of a young woman who lost her father in Vietnam, and two men who bitterly disagreed about their roles as combat platoon leaders late in the Vietnam War. 1st Lt. Alan Danton, the father of Tess Danton, vigorously pursues body count, the only measure of tactical success in the Vietnam War. 1st Lt. Jack Hoffman, could care less about body count. He sees his primary role as getting his men and himself home alive.

A conflict festers between the two men. Lt. Danton cannot abide the attitudes of Hoffman and other junior officers, who see little sense in risking the lives of their men as the war winds down and withdrawal of troops is imminent.  Danton, desperate to prove his leadership in combat and secure a career as an Army officer, has a cavalier attitude about his troops’ lives. “Men die in wars,” he says dismissively. He accuses Hoffman of dereliction of duty.

The story develops around Tess Danton’s insistence that Hoffman tell her exactly what happened to her father. She doesn’t trust the Army’s version of his heroic death, and suspects there is more to the story. Should Hoffman tell her about the nightmarish day and the events leading up to it that have haunted him ever since?

In flashbacks, the story covers the whole arc of the war experience of these two men, from civilian life to volunteering and, for Hoffman, to his return to “The World” – the grunts’ term for home. Why is Hoffman so reluctant to tell Tess about her father? Was a war crime committed the day he died? And what really happened in that final battle in Cambodia. The reader must with until the final chapters to find out.


In the form of a thriller and an historical fiction, Edward Aegidius raises ethical, moral, and strategic issues of modern warfare. Both veterans and those who have never experienced the life-and-death struggle of war will find this book enlightening, moving and controversial.


Edward F. Mosey, writing under the pen name Edward Aegidius, is a remarkable author whose life experiences have shaped his unique perspective on modern warfare. A veteran of the Vietnam War, he led a platoon in the Central Highlands, an experience that brought home the futility of war in a profound way.

Mosey’s time as a combat officer in Vietnam has fundamentally changed his outlook on war and life. Witnessing the atrocities of war solidified his opinion that no one should have to experience the sorrow and loss that comes with it. He believes that through writing and advocating, people would learn about the terrible effects of war and get inspiration to work for peace and reconciliation.

In addition to his military service, Mosey’s extensive career in news and public affairs with highly regarded organizations such as The Oregonian, the Associated Press, and the Bonneville Power Administration helped to refine his writing skills. He pursued his love of learning, obtaining a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon in 1973 and a Master’s degree in Theology from the University of Portland and Gonzaga University in 2003.

This is Mosey’s first published work of fiction. He has written and contributed to corporate history books, and has a deep background in newspaper writing and editing, as well as free-lance magazine writing.His most recent works focus primarily on spiritual, moral, and environmental subjects. Despite the passing etc.

Furthermore, his pen name, “Aegidius,” pays tribute to his maternal grandfather’s name and its meaning, “wearer of goatskin,” which may refer to a holy man who performed good deeds. Edward F. Mosey’s contributions to literature reflect his unyielding dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to promoting a better world.


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