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Mosey Publication Announces the Release of New Book, “The Sound of a Shot,” by Edward Aegidius


City and Date – Mosey Publication, a premier distributor of thought-provoking literature, is pleased to announce the publication of “The Sound of a Shot” by acclaimed writer Edward Aegidius. This intriguing tale goes into the emotional journey of a retired soldier dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while also integrating an investigative journalist’s hunt for the truth.


About Mosey Publication

Mosey Publication has a long history of offering intriguing narratives that challenge readers to investigate economic, moral, and spiritual matters. It has several missions and objectives, which are given below:


Our Distinctive Characteristics:

Have a long track record of successfully persuading the public on controversial, economic, moral, and spiritual issues.


Our Purpose:

We want to create words and planning goods that shine a light on the marketplace of ideas forming during this period.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Get exposed to incorrect ideas and profound conflicts that prevent one from making sound moral, spiritual, and economic judgments. The first step is to be exposed to these things.


About the Book

Author Edward Aegidius brings to the fore his broad experience as a writer and strategic planner, enthralling readers with his profound insights into contemporary spiritual, moral, and political challenges. Aegidius has built a name in the business for his thought-provoking analysis and great storytelling throughout his 40-year career.

The Sound of a Shot tells the story of two soldiers, Jack Hoffman and Alan Danton, appointed Platoon leaders during the Vietnam War. Jack Hoffman survives and is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After many years, the daughter of Alan Danton, named Tess Danton, is eager to know the truth behind the heroic death of her father. Her investigation leads her to Jack Hoffman, who was present with her father during his final moments.

Aegidius deftly mixes the past and present, bringing readers to the war-torn years of Vietnam, when Hoffman was a platoon captain and Danton’s present-day quest for truth. The central theme focuses on the illusion of war created in people’s minds by the authorities who always defend war as a moral act.


About the Author

Edward Aegidius is an experienced journalist and writer. He has made an unmistakable impression with a four-decade career in journalism, business publications, and strategic planning. Aegidius has a unique ability to compress difficult subjects into familiar narratives that captivate readers.

Aegidius sharpened his investigative reporting, research, and storytelling talents while working as a journalist for the international news wire agency Associated Press (AP) along with The Oregonian and the Vancouver Columbian.

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